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Individual Online Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

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Ashley provides the tools, guidance, & accountability you need to reach your goals. 

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 Individual Online Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Nutrition Plan 

Created custom to each individual, the nutrition plan includes food options and suggestions for meals and snacks, as well as a breakdown of the daily calories and macro nutrients so that you can incorporate as much variety as you like. Your plan will be adjusted as frequently as needed, based on how your body is responding.

Fitness Plan


Support & Accountability

Designed to help you achieve your unique health, fitness, sport, or physique goals. Your plan will include a weekly schedule of workouts that use the equipment that you have access to.  The frequency of updates and adjustments is based on your rate of progress, specific goals,  and/or by request. 

Weekly check-ins  allow you to stay connected and accountable, track your progress, and ensure that your plan is adjusted effectively.  Making a lifestyle change and establishing new habits can be challenging.  Staying connected ensures that you receive the support needed to achieve long-term success. 

Additional Services 

Group Challenges

Looking to make a sustainable lifestyle change, shed some unwanted pounds, and join a team setting? 

Contest Prep Coaching

Ready for the ultimate fitness challenge? Show off your years of hard work and tackle a contest prep!

Prenatal & Postnatal 

Would you benefit from an experienced coach helping you navigate your prenatal  & postnatal journey? 

Healthy Recipes

Interested in easy, healthy, and delicious meals that your whole family can enjoy? Try my digital recipe books!



 Ashley Quick, B.COMM, CSNC, CPT, CPPNC


 Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant (ICS Canada)

Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach (GGS)

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Bachelor of Commerce Degree (U of S)

Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Ashley has owned and operated Quick Fit Sports Nutrition since 2014. Her philosophy focuses on increasing the overall health of each individual through sustainable practices and scientifically proven methods. She coaches elite-level and Olympic-level athletes, bikini athletes of all levels and ages, and lifestyle clients looking to reach health & fitness goals in a sustainable and healthy way. Ashley is a wife, mom, and multi-disciplined athlete. She competes for Team Canada (2020) in Mixed Doubles Curling (4x Provincial champion and 8x National competitor)0, and is a Nationally ranked competitive bikini athlete with the CPA/NPC. 


"Not only will I provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals, but I will encourage and support you along the way. I will not recommend anything that is not scientifically proven or that is unhealthy, dangerous long-term, or potentially damaging to your body. I will not restrict or limit your nutrient consumption, or ignore your unique nutritional preferences or needs."


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Ashley Quick, B.Comm 

Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant

Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach

Certified Personal Trainer


Email: ashleyquickfit@gmail.com

 Insta: @ashleyquickfit

Saskatoon, SK, Canada


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