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Prenatal & Postnatal


"Growing, housing, and birthing a human is pretty much the most magical and life altering experience out there and it is reserved solely for women! We are pretty damn amazing and I am grateful everyday for this body that I live in. But, it's also nice to feel the baby weight come off, and my body get stronger once again. I appreciate the programs you created for me while taking into consideration that I am still exclusively breastfeeding, so I always felt that my body could supply my son, all while losing weight effectively. Thank-you so much!"  - Kim D 
Every woman's prenatal & postnatal journey is unique. Ashley provides support, guidance, and the tools needed to navigate them effectively:
A Nutrition Plan. Created custom to each individual, the nutrition plan includes food options and suggestions for meals and snacks, as well as a breakdown of the daily calories and macro nutrients so that you can incorporate as much variety as you like. Your plan will be adjusted as frequently as needed, based on nutritional need and how your body is responding.
Fitness Plan. A weekly schedule of of exercises that are pre and/or postnatal safe, and help you achieve your individual goals; increase or maintain fitness level, add or maintain lean mass, and ensure proper movement patterns. Your fitness plan is designed around the equipment you have access to, and updated as often as needed.
Weekly Check-Ins. In order to adjust your plan and track your progress, please check-in with me via email on Monday mornings. Include current weight (if applicable), measurements (if applicable), and score yourself out of 10 on your adherence to the fitness and/or nutrition plans.
Lifestyle Coaching. Establishing new habits and/or making change can be tough, and your journey will have challenges and setbacks. I am here to support you and provide strategies for success. No issue too big or small. 
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