Personal Training

Motivator. Coach. Supporter. Educator. 


Research shows that individualized programming and working one-on-one with a certified personal trainer generates results more quickly, efficiently, & with fewer injuries than training on your own. Working with a personal trainer can provide you with the motivation needed to reach & maintain your health & fitness goals. 

During the initial Fitness Assessment and Consultation, you will complete a health and exercise history questionnaire, body composition analysis (if applicable), mobility assessment, strength and endurance assessment, and a goal setting session. Once complete, Ashley will design a fitness program that will assist you in achieving your individual fitness goals. From there, you can set your preferred schedule and book Individual Personal Training appointments at a time and frequency that works for you.
Ashley encourage the completion of a re-assessment every 4 - 8 weeks to help track progress, update goals, identify areas of increased strength and endurance or those needing additional attention. This allows the opportunity to update the fitness plan and address any additional changes/needs.
Initial Fitness Assessment and Consultation - $90
Individual Personal Training Session - $60
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