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1:1 Online Coaching

Need the right tools & support to help you reach your goals?

"This was a game changer. The nutrition plan helped me to understand the importance and impacts of my diet. The workouts were perfect- they progressively became more challenging, ensuring that I was getting results. The accountability was phenomenal. It helped me to stay committed and motivated. I had a few ‘off’ days and received so much support and encouragement that I didn’t need to be perfect because consistency was key. I felt proud and motivated while working with Ashley, she is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend working with her!" - Danielle W.

Standard 1:1 Online Coaching Package Includes:


Nutrition Plan. Created custom to the individual, the nutrition plan includes food suggestions for meals and snacks, as well as a breakdown of the daily calorie and macronutrient targets. This allows the individual to incorporate a variety of foods and recipes into their program. Plan adjustments are made as often as needed.


Fitness Plan. A weekly schedule of workouts designed to effectively reach the unique goals of the individual, using easily accessible equipment, and accommodating their schedule. Plans are adjusted every 4 – 6 weeks.


Accountability. Weekly check-ins via email & video encourage open communication, effective lifestyle support and program adjustments, progress tracking, and an overall increase in plan adherence and long-term success.



Nutrition + Fitness + Accountability is $250 for 4-weeks or a one-time payment of $700 for 12 weeks.

Nutrition + Accountability is $200 for 4-weeks.

Fitness + Accountability is $160 for 4-weeks.


Additional Services (choose from the following services to add-on):


Nutrition Consultation (+$50, 30-minute video chat). This add-on allows an open dialogue for questions, discuss concerns, address specialized physical or nutritional needs, consider strategic planning, and/or accommodate a unique situation.

Video-Chat Check-Ins (+$75 per 4 weeks, bi-weekly 20-minute video chats). Maximize your program by setting reoccurring appointments for video-chat check-ins. Re-occurring discussions in real-time can increase adherence, learning, accountability, lifestyle support, and long-term success.

Meal Planning (+$100 per 4 weeks). Add-on 4 weeks of recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). Tailored to your nutritional requirements, food preferences, and target calories and macro-nutrients. Meal planning is ideal for those without dietary restrictions, who enjoy a variety of foods, and want to avoid the legwork of finding recipes.

Full Package Pricing ($450 for 4-weeks)

Nutrition + Fitness + Consultation + Video Check-Ins + Meal Planning 

Please Contact Ashley for more details. 

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