1:1 Online Coaching

 Looking for the right tools and support to help you reach your goals?

The following services are included in the standard 'individual online 1:1 coaching' package.


Custom Nutrition Plan - Designed specifically for you, the nutrition plan includes food options and suggestions for meals and snacks, as well as a breakdown of the daily calories and macro nutrients. This allows you to either follow the program as written or incorporate as much variety as you like. Your plan will be adjusted as frequently as needed, based on how your body is responding and the feedback that I receive from you in the weekly check-ins.

 Custom Fitness Plan - Custom to you, the fitness plan is a schedule of exercises/workouts designed help you achieve your individual goals, increase or maintain fitness level, add or maintain lean mass, and/or burn fat. Your program will be designed around the equipment you have access to and your ideal frequency and duration. Updated as often as needed.


Accountability - Making a lifestyle change and establishing new habits can be challenging. Weekly check-ins allow you to stay connected and accountable, receive emotional/mental support and strategies, track your progress, and ensure

your plan is adjusted effectively. Receive the support you need to achieve long-term success. 


Cost is $220 per month or $600 for 3 months.

Additional Services Include:

Nutrition Consultation 

Video Chat Check-ins

Meal Planning

Virtual Personal Training

Please Contact Ashley for more details. 

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