Contest Prep

Motivator. Coach. Supporter. Educator. 


 As a former UFE Bikini Pro (2017) & Fitness Model Pro (2017), and Nationally CPA bikini competitor (2020), I love working with athletes who aspire to achieve success on stage. 

 Everything about a Quick Fit Prep is designed to help you achieve your personal best without sacrificing your health or your sanity. I will assist you with every single detail of your contest prep. From choosing a show and the length of your prep, to designing a posing routine and suit - I've got you covered!

Included Services:

- Custom Nutrition Plan -  

Not just to burn fat, but to ensure proper nutrition. Supplementation advice, meal planning assistance, weekly plan updates, continuous feedback, macro nutrient breakdowns, and food suggestions. 

- Stage Presentation & Posing - 

Posing practice is available in person or online, and in pairs or individually. Stage presentation and posing should not only show off your hard work, but help you to highlight  your strongest features, hide flaws, and allow you to present an undeniable physique. I will help you with every detail to ensure that you present the best package possible.

- Bikini Fitness Plan - 

Custom plan (updated as often as needed) to add muscle in key areas and burn fat. We will work together to sculpt your "ideal" physique within a time frame that you can commit to and with the equipment you have access to.

- Post Comp. Nutrition & Fitness Plan - 

Reverse dieting is always necessary post-show to transition back to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and physique, without adding excessive body fat. I will provide the tools and support to ensure a healthy and proper transition. 

- Continuous Support & Guidance  - 

Via text, email, phone or in-person, I will be your support every step of the way. 

Contest Prep - $240/month
Reverse Dieting - $200/month
Off-Season Training - $200/month
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Ashley  Quick Fit Sports Nutrition