Group Challenge

Motivator. Coach. Supporter. Educator. 

A coach is someone who uses their knowledge, experience, and skills to help a client bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. A coach brings clarity, and helps to establish goals that align with their client's values, desires, and priorities. A coach can then work with their client to determine realistic, actionable steps to achieve those goals, all while offering support, encouragement, and troubleshooting along the way.

The next 8 week group challenge will start on Wednesday, January 6th 2020. Each challenger will receive a custom nutrition plan and body composition analysis, access to the group fitness plan updated weekly, access to the challenge Facebook group, a copy of my cookbook, and individual weekly check-ins.

PLUS! The challenger who has the greatest transformation will win a month of FREE individual nutrition & fitness consulting from me. The winner will be selected at my discretion based on a combination of  adherence/effort, progress photos, percentage of measurement change, and percentage of body weight change/fat loss.

Should you choose to accept the challenge, the cost to join is $240. If you're ready to move forward, please contact me to reserve your spot.

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Ashley  Quick Fit Sports Nutrition